Introducing the RMS IPhone App

We know that student-athletes are extremely busy during the recruiting process. It’s a stressful time and you need to take advantage of any tools you can use to make it easier. That’s why we created the NCSA RMS app to help you stay on top of your recruiting.


The iPhone® app lets you stay connected to coaches and NCSA no matter where you are. It gives you instant access to your online profile and alerts you the second that a coach has viewed your profile.


The NCSA app is a game changer. It simplifies the recruiting process and saves you time. And it lets you manage your recruiting process from wherever you are.


Download the NCSA RMS app now. 


  • Easily access and edit your recruiting profile
  • Receive push notifications when a coach has viewed your profile and when a coach has posted a roster opening you can apply for 
  • Search for colleges that are a good fit for you
  • View recommended college matches and email college coaches
  • Upload video and transcripts to your recruiting profile
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