In the simplest terms, athleadership empowers leaders through sports. Athleaders are student-athletes who maximize sports to get ahead and to give back. They are individuals who use sports as a stepping stone to achieve lofty but attainable goals.

NCSA has built an athleadership community with athletes, coaches and sports-minded businesses that share NCSA’s appreciation for what sports have done for them throughout their lives both on and off the field. Each member of NCSA’s athleadership community is dedicated to spreading this message to athletes and empower others to lead through sports.


The impact of sports for me has affected my whole life—from goal setting as a kid, learning the values of team and getting an education for free, to (building) relationships and lifelong friends. Sports have taken me around the world.

NCSA Founder Chris Krause



The Building Blocks of Athleadership

Success in sports isn’t easy, and neither is being an athleader. Both require hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Just like there are steps to reaching your athletic goals, there are also three major steps in the athleadership process.


A student-athlete must commit to being an athleader in the community and the classroom. Show that you have vision by setting goals and creating road maps to reach them. Avoid situations and people that might get in the way of reaching those goals. Again, this level of commitment isn’t always easy, but the payoff in the future is worth the sacrifice and hard work.


Continue the high level of commitment in college by earning a college scholarship and graduating with a meaningful degree. The value of that college education is priceless, and that’s why the college recruiting process is so important. Realize that choosing a college isn’t just about the next four years of your life. It actually impacts the next 40.


Once you’ve developed the tools it takes to be an athleader, it’s your responsibility to be a leader. Use the lessons you learned through sports to be a positive example and give back to the community. Values like teamwork, dedication and a positive attitude are essential on the playing field or court. But they’re also important tools to have when the collegiate sports career ends.


NCSA founder Chris Krause talks about the importance of Athleadership.

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